Times Square Case Study

For a marque Forever 21 store at Times Square, New York City, more than 60 fixtures were provided featuring acrylics, polyester solid surfaces, powder coated metals, chrome plated steelwork, high gloss polyurethane MDF finishes, recessed lighting, glass, inset wall cabinets and so forth. This involved loading 2 40 foot containers for direct shipping from Ningbo to New York. Along with the production of a number of common production fixtures, Castle also took on the development of 5 new types of fixtures ranging from a table display requiring tinted glass with LED lighting, to a knock down 9’ 6” x 9’ 6” Wall Cabinet that could be assembled on-site with tight joints all pre-finished or a multi drawer lingerie cabinet that could recess into a wall alcove. All of the work was done to a high quality result with tight time frames met allowing for the 30 days ocean shipping time from China to NY, NY.